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​Major Unusual Incidents

A major unusual incident (MUI) is defined as the alleged, suspected, or actual occurrence of an incident when there is reason to believe the incident has occurred. All incidents require that immediate action is taken to protect individuals from further harm, that an investigation is conducted to determine the cause of the incident and contributing factors, and that a prevention plan is developed to reduce the likelihood of further occurrences.

MUIs are reported to the Board, which then reports the information to the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Employees of the Board, along with providers are responsible for taking immediate action to insure the health and safety of an individual in response to the occurrence of an MUI. 

To report an MUI during normal business hours, call 937-393-4237.

To report an MUI after normal business hours or on holidays, call 937-403-8256.

The Ohio Department of DD also has a hotline number: 866-313-6733 which may be used if there are concerns or difficulties in reporting to the Board.

For more information on MUIs, click the link below.

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