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Hills & Dales Preschool

Hills and Dales Preschool is home to an Ohio Department of Education (ODE) licensed Special Needs/Inclusion Preschool Program.

As required by this licensure, typically developing peers and children with developmental delays on Individual Education Plans (IEPs) learn side by side.

This model helps both children with and without special needs to learn from each other, develop social skills and create friendships, which follow them as they move into public education.

Hills and Dales offers fun activities using The Creative Curriculum, Learning Without Tears, as well as guided gym activities, art appreciation sessions, literacy enrichment, a sensory room, and American Sign Language (ASL) for students and staff. iPads and upgraded technology support classroom instruction.

Children receive therapy services as needed from Occupational, Speech, Physical and Behavioral Therapists.

A Sensory Room, gymnasium, and playground enhance the services provided to the children.

2023-24 H&D Preschool Calendar (Student Version).jpg
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